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Increasing knowledge and awareness of Hepatitis C among gay men


The goal of NoMoreC is to increase the knowledge and awareness of Hepatitis C among gay men and professionals. NoMoreC offers gay men tools to reduce the risk of Hepatitis C transmission through a combination of online and face-to-face strategies. NoMoreC was set up in close collaboration with the target group: MSM who are at risk for Hepatitis C.




The NoMoreC website gives extensive information about Hepatitis C and offers, among others, tailored advice about risk and risk reduction. Men who want to test themselves at home can order the C-test. It is also possible to order the free NoMoreC-toolbox, which contains products that can help to reduce the risk of HCV transmission. Instructional videos on disinfection show how the products from the toolbox can be used. The website also shows interviews with men from the MSM community who share their experiences with Hepatitis C.



HIV activist, blogger and vlogger Mark S. King of MyFabulousDisease.com met the NoMoreC campaign team in Sauna NZ, Amsterdam’s gay sauna. He asked the men everything about NoMoreC and the special Toolbox. Watch the clip here.


The promotion of NoMoreC is developed and carried out by the Amsterdam gay community itself in cooperation with MC Free. This promotion takes the form of offline and online promotional campaigns. Posters and flyers have been created and distributed across the city and many promotional activities are planned, such as those around the Leather Pride and the Fetish Pride. Online, men who are involved in NoMoreC use social media to reach a wider audience and banners are placed on different websites, such as dating sites.



The C-test is an RNA self-collecting test (dried blood spots) that men can take 14 days after having high-risk sex. The laboratory of the Amsterdam Medical Centre analyses the blood sample and the results are available online within a week. A separate C-test costs 25 euros and a ‘subscription’ of four tests costs 80 euros. When the test result is positive, men receive an online referral letter with which they can go to their HIV-specialist or (through their GP) a gastro-enterologist.

Photo C-test: © Marco Hietberg Fotografie

© Marco Hietbrink Fotografie
NoMoreC toolbox



Over 40 men have helped develop and arrange the ‘NoMoreC Toolbox’. The Toolbox contains information and examples of items that can be used to reduce the risk of Hepatitis C transmission, such as gloves, condoms and disinfectants. All Amsterdam fetish shops, HIV treatment centers and the GGD Amsterdam STI polyclinic are helping in the distribution of the free Toolbox among men who are at risk for Hepatitis C.

RISK REDUCTION STRATEGIES NoMoreC has assessed which measures you can take to reduce the transmission of Hepatitis C and gives tailored advice on how to do this. Comic strips give the advice a visual boost and several videos show how to disinfect hands, toys and the play area.