NoMoreC sister website and campaign launched in Barcelona now has a sister in Spain: Disfruta sin C ( ‘Enjoy without C’). Disfruta sin C is a project of three local community organizations: Grupo de Trabajo sobre Tratamientos del VIH (gTt-VIH), Stop Sida and Gais Positius. These organizations were so inspired by our NoMoreC-project for men who have sex with men (MSM) in Amsterdam with a risk of an HCV infection that they asked for our permission to contextually translate our texts and to use our explicit cartoons.


Of course we said yes to their request. Eliminating hepatitis C by 2030 in the Netherlands is only likely to succeed if other countries where many MSM travel to for a city trip or a Pride Event also raise awareness about hepatitis C among MSM and educate them about risk reduction strategies.


Disfruta sin C is the first Hepatitis C elimination campaign in Catalonia geared towards MSM who participate in chemsex. The campaign was developed in cooperation with the Public Health Agency of Catalonia. In addition to providing information on HCV transmission, the Disfruta sin C website also offers individualized risk and harm reduction strategies. Just like the Amsterdam NoMoreC project, Disfruta sin C has launched an online Hepatitis C awareness campaign on dating apps that are geared towards men who have sex with men. An offline campaign will also be distributed at various MSM nightlife venues in Barcelona.


Barcelonan men who think they might have a risk of Hepatitis C can take an online risk assessment test. If the test results indicate that there might be an HCV infection, the person concerned receives a referral to an STI clinic, where a rapid HCV test will be carried out.


Our Spanish colleagues plan to roll out to Madrid in the near future. We are very pleased with this cooperation and hope to inspire more cities to follow our example.