Workshop voorlichting hygiënenormen

NoMoreC gives MSM venues advice on hygiene

In January, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) published the revised national hygiene directive for sex venues and sex workers. The directive contains hygiene norms and advices with which the spread of pathogens such as STIs can be restrained.  The directive is meant for owners and operators of venues that facilitate sexual activities with or without sex workers. The aim of these measures is to provide both a clean environment and facilities for safe sex.


The spread of pathogens such as STIs can take place through body fluids that end up on objects and surfaces such as sex toys and chairs. Research suggests that the Hepatitis C virus could possibly survive for 4 to 6 weeks on materials such as steel, plastic and rubber. The revised directive emphasizes that even lubricant and massage oil can contain STIs. By applying the norms and advices listed in the hygiene directive, present pathogens that may be present are removed or killed as much as possible.


NoMoreC visits MSM venues in Amsterdam


Together with the Amsterdam gay community NoMoreC strives to drastically reduce the number of new Hepatitis C infections in the capital. Seven major venues that facilitate sexual interactions between MSM have indicated that they would like to receive advice on Hepatitis C. These locations were visited by NoMoreC and the department of Hygiene and Inspection of the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD) at the beginning of January.


NoMoreC also organized a workshop on January 22 which was attended by 19 owners, managers and cleaners of sex venues. During the location visits and the workshop, it became clear that owners and staff are very willing to make adjustments. The locations will receive tailormade advice with regard to the revised hygiene directive in the spring.


Read more about the revised directive on the Soa Aids Nederland website (Dutch only).