In March we spoke about a Spanish translation of our NoMoreC cartoons, but recently there has also appeared a second, Czech, version!   NoMoreC was present with their booth at the European  Chemsex Forum in Paris, November 2019, where Xenie Uholyeva from the

The worldwide outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 and the accompanying measures that are in force have a major impact on various organizations and projects. NoMoreC, which is part of the MC Free initiative, is also dealing with the consequences of the now has a sister in Spain: Disfruta sin C ( ‘Enjoy without C’). Disfruta sin C is a project of three local community organizations: Grupo de Trabajo sobre Tratamientos del VIH (gTt-VIH), Stop Sida and Gais Positius. These organizations

Recently NoMoreC researched the demand for the C-test among gay men. The research consisted of a mini-survey that was filled in by men from the community. NoMoreC carried out this research to investigate what the preferences of the community are

The NoMoreC Toolbox is in great demand. Over 300 of the 450 boxes that were packed at the start of the project have now been distributed among men who run a risk of Hepatitis C. To ensure no-one is left

Summer has arrived and that means plenty of gay events and Prides throughout the Netherlands and abroad. This summer, the NoMoreC Boy Scouts can be found at various events in the Netherlands, where they will talk with men who are

In January, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) published the revised national hygiene directive for sex venues and sex workers. The directive contains hygiene norms and advices with which the spread of pathogens such as STIs

Since this summer, NoMoreC’s promotional team has deployed online ads to raise awareness among men who are at risk of Hepatitis C of the importance of testing themselves for HCV with the C-test. The C-test is an RNA-test that can

In the run up to Leather Pride in Amsterdam (25-28 October), NoMoreC organizes the second C WhatYouCanDo! Gathering on Wednesday 24 October: an information evening about Hepatitis C for the gay community. To welcome Amsterdam expats as well, his edition will be

Banners for Fetish Week London and Maspalomas Pride   Summer: the time of gay events and Prides. NoMoreC’s promotional team is therefore deploying targeted banners and other online advertisements until the end of September. The aim is to reach men with a

On Tuesday 24 July, NoMoreC Boy Scouts and initiators presented ‘NoMoreC: a multilevel approach to eliminate hepatitis C infections among MSM in Amsterdam’ during AIDS 2018. In the Amsterdam Theater, located in the freely accessible Global Village, the NoMoreC team