Community packs new NoMoreC Toolboxes

The NoMoreC Toolbox is in great demand. Over 300 of the 450 boxes that were packed at the start of the project have now been distributed among men who run a risk of Hepatitis C. To ensure no-one is left empty-handed, volunteers from the community have packed 225 new Toolboxes. A team of 30 people has worked 4 nights to fill the Toolboxes with useful items to reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission. The NoMoreC Toolbox contains, among others, instructions on disinfection, so that men who run a risk of hepatitis C can see what they can do to reduce the risk of transmission. During the filling of the new Toolboxes, a few things have been altered.


What’s new:


  • The information leaflet is more easily legible.
  • An extra sachet with 3 colored straws has been added to the box, with the message that you should never share straws and should always use your own color. In this way, we also reach men that snort drugs but would rather not open the special ‘chem box’, because they find the needles and syringes in the box too intense.
  • Based on user feedback, information on how to disinfect toys has been included.
  • The box now contains one package with 80 Blue Wonder wipes instead of two packages with 40 wipes.
  • Fun fact: Blue Wonder has sponsored half of the wipes and the Condomerie has sponsored all condoms for the box.


Order the FREE Toolbox here or pick one up at the STI clinic of Public Health Service Amsterdam, all HIV treatment centers and (fetish) shops Black Body, Mister B, RoB, Underground Fetish and the Condomerie. Please note: the Toolbox can only be sent to addresses in The Netherlands.


A video impression of the Toolbox-packing nights can be found here:



Many thanks to all the amazing volunteers!